Useful Links

  • The National Kitchen and Bath Association is composed of professionals from areas of manufacturing, retailing, remodeling, and designing who promote continuing education in design, as well as education of homeowners who are interested in trends and remodeling.
  •  The National Institutes of Science and Technology is a US agency that oversee the establishment of testing, measurements, and standards in areas such as chemistry and material science (amount many others). A primary impact on the cabinet industry is in the area of coatings performance.
  • THE ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK INSTITUTE is an organization whose members manufacture cabinets and interior millwork for both commercial and residential applications. The standards they publish afford design professionals a means to specify wood elements in 3 grades of quality: economy, custom, and premium. Aspects of fabrication, finishing, and installation are specified in their standards. Cabinetry 101  Cabinetry 101 is a compilation of basic information, written by Landon Edwards, owner of Premier Cabinets of Virginia.  It attempts to explain various aspects of cabinetry to the average consumer of that he/she has a better understanding of the cabinetry available in the marketplace, and how to get the most value for their dollar.
  • THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS  develops and publishes a wide range of procedures voluntarily adopted by many industries to standardize method of work/testing/analysis amount peers. Of importance to the cabinet industry are tests and methods for coating adhesion, moisture resistance, and resistance to fracture when bumped (among others).